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Time Trek

Embark on a thrilling cosmic journey with “Time Trek,” a sci-fi planetarium show designed for the young and young at heart. Offering a revolutionary full-dome experience, this captivating adventure through space and time promises a blend of entertainment and education. Picture yourself aboard the USF NOMAD, guided by a robotic pilot, and led by the Galactic Sheriff Aase Swan. Join the pursuit as Sheriff Swan races against time to apprehend the elusive time bandit, promising an exciting and immersive escapade that will leave you both fascinated and enlightened. Get ready for a fun-filled exploration of the universe like never before!

Step into the realm of the supernatural and embrace the spine-chilling allure of the Halloween season with “Grimmwood Grove” – a mesmerizing 30-minute show that will captivate and enchant audiences 10 and up. Experience thrilling American folklore by immersing yourself in a collection of haunting tales, masterfully narrated by a spectral wise-cracking gentleman from the 1800’s. Learn More…

Santa Claus, one of many magical beings, mysteriously goes missing days before Christmas. Three brave kids, fueled by their unwavering belief in the holiday spirit, team up with a whimsical Luck Dragon to rescue him. Their journey takes them through snow-covered landscapes, where they encounter mythical creatures and discover diverse traditions celebrated during this festive time. From colorful festivals in India to the captivating Northern Lights of Scandinavia, each stop on their adventure brings them closer to their goal while immersing them in the rich tapestry of holiday magic.

Some of Our Past Projects


Music Video Animation and VFX for your Big Ideas

Animations for music videos and visual effects (VFX) are great ways to enhance your brand/movie/project/artform. With animations, you can bring your lyrics and music to life in a creative and visually stunning way. Music videos with animations are becoming increasingly popular, and they make your content more engaging and memorable. VFX, on the other hand, can add a layer of depth to your content, whether you’re creating a movie, short film, or even a commercial.

Video Ads and Motion Graphics for Any Type of Business

Luck Dragon Media specializes in creating video advertisements, animations, and motion graphics for businesses of all kinds, ensuring maximum online visibility and driving higher traffic to your website. Our expert team of professionals ensures top-notch quality service, providing cost-effective solutions to boost your brand’s reputation and growth.

Character Creations: From foam sculptres, to anamatronics, to set building

Luck Dragon Media can build anything your heart desires. From Huge creatures to large set pieces, we have the experience to bring your vision to life!

Luck Dragon Media is a division of Unique Graphic Art based in Tucson Arizona, founded in 2008.