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Grimwood Grove

Grimwood Grove

Embark on a journey like no other, were Grimwood Grove's secrets are waiting to be unveiled.

Title: Grimwood Grove 

Genre: Anthology / Folklore / VR and Planetarium Experience


Step into the enchanting world of Grimwood Grove, an enthralling half-hour anthology series designed to transport viewers on a spine-tingling journey through folklore and mystery. Guided by the enigmatic host, Digby, you’ll stroll through this fantastical town, where every cobblestone street holds a tale tailored for the Halloween season, ensuring that every corner you turn offers a delightfully haunting experience.


Grimwood Grove, a fictional town steeped in secrets and legends. With his charismatic demeanor and mystical aura, Digby guides audiences through the town and its inhabitants. Each stop becomes a story vignette inspired by folklore or legends from around the world. With hidden clues alluding to a sinister history of secret societies, witches, and creatures from the shadow realm, every season peels back layers of intrigue, gradually unveiling the town’s chilling secrets.

Key Selling Points: 

Two Unique Platforms: Grimwood Grove offers an unparalleled viewing experience tailored for both Virtual Reality (V.R.) and planetarium dome audiences, ensuring that fans of all ages can embark on a thrilling journey into its spellbinding world.

A Global Tapestry of Folklore: This captivating show celebrates the rich tapestry of human culture by drawing inspiration from a wide array of international folklore. Audiences of all ages will be enchanted as they connect with stories from around the world.

Charismatic Host: Meet Digby, the charmingly eerie guide who effortlessly leads audiences through the town all while turning up the creep factor. His magnetic presence ensures an engaging and spine-tingling experience. He is the town historian as well as the mortician. His passion is the residence of Grimwood Grove and the stories they share.

Family-Friendly Spooky Fun: With its anthology format, Grimwood Grove caters to a diverse range of tastes and age groups, promising a delightful blend of unique animation, fun storytelling, and light-hearted scares that can be enjoyed by families and fans of all ages.

Thriving in the Halloween Industry: In the year 2021, the Halloween industry in the United States alone made an estimated $10.6 billion, underscoring the immense popularity of the spooky season. Grimwood Grove embodies the spirit of Halloween, offering a perfect treat for enthusiasts looking for immersive entertainment.

Audience Appeal:

Grimwood Grove is designed for those who seek to be swept away by the Halloween spirit within their VR headsets. Families, friends, and individuals alike can gather under the dome to share in the wonder of folklore and myth that transcends time and borders. For ages 10 and up, however, our main audience will be 10-18 years of age.